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Our Community at Hilltop House

A Hilltop House Preschool, as in all Reggio based preschools, community involvement is very important. It stems from the idea that we can all learn from each other and that each of us has something important to contribute to the whole.

Hilltop House Preschool Maple Ridge BC



As a parent at Hilltop House your involvement is very important.  You can expect your child to come home asking for support in their preschool endeavours. They may want you to help them locate a book to bring to school or a certain supply or piece of equipment for a project that they are working on. The idea here is that your child is learning where and how to find the tools they need to learn, a part of becoming independent in their lifelong learning journey.


Also, from time to time, we may ask parents to come and share knowledge that they have with us about their culture, their job or a hobby they have. This allows for us to learn about each other and learn FROM each other.


Part of being a community is the ability to communicate openly with each other. I welcome parents and caregivers to contact me anytime with questions, concerns and suggestions. Each day when we begin class, we will have a 10 minute family read time - this is a great time for us to touch base with general 'how are you?' type communication. Parents can also expect 2 formal outside-of-school parent/teacher meetings (one in late Fall and one in late Spring) where we will get together, share information and plan future goals together.


The 'Hilltop House Preschool' blog will be updated weekly with pictures of the activities and projects we have been working on. This is a wonderful way for parents to stay connected and see what we have been up to.





As a student at Hilltop House, your child can expect that we will be embarking on projects and adventures that are led by their likes and interests. There will lots of fun and adventure - each class group activities differing from the next, as we each are a unique group of individuals with different ideas and exploration we are interested in.





As the teacher at Hilltop House, my goal is for each of us to feel belonging to our group - to grow new friendships, to learn about one another and to continue on our learning journeys together.





Hilltop House is a fully inclusive environment that welcomes all children ages 3-5. Each of us is a unique individual, that brings character and growth to our community here - we can all learn from each other - no matter what our differences.


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